Today, the nation is celebrating one of the biggest national holidays, Independence Day, and from what is reported from all across the nation, things couldn’t be going better. The festivities and ceremonies have began, and just as the sun sets, we’ll witness the long-awaited display of fireworks that tops the holiday.

President Donald Trump has had the chance to address the people and wish them a happy holiday, but today, he left millions in awe as he went on to Twitter to post a 2-minute video of the premiere of a song titled “Make America Great Again” in honor of the holiday. The song had been composed at First Baptist Church of Dallas, by Gary Moore and was first sung by a Baptist choir in front of an enormous Stars and Stripes flag.

The video can be seen below:

Without a doubt, the composer has done an incredible job, highlighting the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency with a song titled after his slogan “Make America Great Again,” which will without a doubt, be sung for years to come.

This goes on to show how much people appreciate the effort President Trump has put since taking office, and all the ways our nation has started thriving thanks to him in the fields of economics and international relations.

Let us show our support to President Trump and the first family, and wish the whole nation a happy Independence Day!