This past two months have been quite turbulent for the American people, with people having to deal with everything starting from natural catastrophes such as Hurricane Irma, Harvey and Jose, to the shocking death of famous former Fox News host Eric Bolling’s son, Eric Chase. But as the old saying goes, the sun shines bright after the storm, and it seems that good things are finally started happening, starting with the birth of Eric and Lara Trump’s first child, Eric Luke Trump.

Despite some deranged anti-Trump haters releasing bad comments blinded by their hate toward Trump, his family and his administration, there were hundreds of people that immediately went on Twitter to congratulate the two, and one of them was President Donald Trump:

The announcement was made earlier this Tuesday, and left millions celebrating and cheering, especially President Donald Trump, who has just expanded his family by a member plus, with this being his ninth grandchild.

The First Family is expected to be celebrating the wonderful news soon as the whole chaotic situation with the natural catastrophe settles, and the storm passes.

After a series of unfortunate shocking events it was about time that some hope was restored with as news as good as this.

Let’s all spread the word and congratulate Eric and Lara wishing them all the best.