It seems that as the days go by, the Democrats are acting more and more childish with their amateur moves. If you’re uncertain about it, you’ll believe it once you find out what they’re doing right now.

The Democrats have introduced a new bill in attempt to get Trump to “divest” his financial holdings and property. In a way they’re trying to force him to impeach as a result of a “conflict of interest”.

It is a bit unfair and stupid to try to pick everything they can so they can take him down before he even gets in office.

The Democrats are without a doubt doing every stupid move they can think of with a goal to stop Trump. They’re trying to get him to divest his financial assets and put the money into blind trust.

The bill is being pushed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren who stated that any conflicts of interest or ethics by Trump would be considered a “high crime”, according to reports from The Hill.

Americans need to know however, that their current President-elect is doing everything in his power to make America a better country, even before he steps into office.

The bill is apparently going to be introduced next month, with the Democrats next targets being Mike Pence, Melania Trump, Karen Pence, and the youngest son of Trump, Barron.

A shady move from a shady group of people as they’re trying to pass this without drawing too much attention to themselves. But that’s why we’re here for. Spread the news, share it with your friends, we must stop them and we need to help back up Trump. He is a patriot just like us, and he deserves all the help he can get!