As we all know, the Category 5 Hurricane Irma has been rampaging through several states in America, leaving everything behind devastated and destroyed. A large part of the Caribbean has also been destroyed by the hurricane, but when a island homeowner surveyed the damage done to his own property in the wake of the tropical storm, he also noticed something very interesting.

The resident saw President Donald Trump’s house and couldn’t believe his eyes, so he immediately took a photograph.

While most people including the First Family were trembling over the fact that two of Trump’s properties were directly in the path of Hurricane Irma, their fears that his chateau on the Caribbean island would be destroyed were quickly brushed off afterwards and now it appears that his property is one of few left standing.

The co-owner of Villa Mille Fleurs, Jack Fleishman, which happens to be stationed above Trump’s St. Martin property, was inspecting the damage Irma did to his villa, but in the midst of the whole thing, he was left speechless when he saw that Trump’s house was still standing with hardly a roof tile lost.

In fact, chances are he feared nobody would believe him which is why he immediately snapped a picture:

If anything, this is an interesting reality slap to liberals and anti-Trump haters which as soon as they heard the news about Irma, went on Social Media to write how it was “mother nature’s wrath” over the commander-in-chief’s denying of climate change. But if this was true in any way, his property wouldn’t have been standing right now with hardly a scratch.