It is clear to most of us that the leftist liberal’s hatred of President Donald Trump and his administration has been high following the returned fire from the POTUS against the war-crazed rogue nation North Korea and their leader Kim Jong-un, but now, the leftist lunatics like Rosie O’Donnell have crossed all lines, going as far as to plead and show their support to the dictator, who threatened to blow up our nation, rather than our very own president.

The famous anti-Trump ranting liberal Rosie O’Donnell has once again proven she is out of her mind by going on Twitter to post a video in which she pleads to Kim, apparently showing her support to his intention to blow us up. And as if her nonsense words were not enough, she even added a pig filter on her face.

The liberal literally went on Twitter to apologize to the world’s harshest dictator who tortured an American college student and openly threatened to kill millions in Guam with a nuclear weapon. If anything else, this goes on to show how out of their minds the liberals truly are. Rosie also called Kim “sir,” treating him with far more respect than she has ever treated our president.

But unfortunately for her, she was quickly humiliated in every sense of the word when Scott Baio had an incredible idea which he shared on Twitter as well:

Knowing that O’Donnel wouldn’t like the suggestion, he added his follow-up which literally destroyed the liberals and their recent actions: