Reports have just come in that the legendary trio Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Ted Nugent met at the White House on Wednesday. The trio had a mild discussion about the current political situation before snapping a couple of pictures and seemingly having a good time.

This is why you can’t help but love America’s most political hockey mom. She even brought her daughter Willow as well as her camera, in order to take photos of her hanging out with President Trump, as well as a couple of other ‘portraits’ in the White House.

You can see on the first picture all of them hanging around in the Oval Office with President Trump.

Judging by the pictures above, you can pretty much say that the trio had one heck-of-a quality time.Sarah got to spend time with both Jared Kushner and President Trump, so it was pretty much a win-win situation for all of them.

But things got extremely hilarious when the trio snapped this picture.

The trio got up and posed with the portrait of Hillary Clinton, did ridiculous poses and overall made some fun out of her.

Moments like these remind us all of how down-to-earth these people actually are, and the sense of humour they have when they are not out there grinding and working to make our country better.

If you ask us, we only hope to see more meetings and ‘fun-times’ like these in the future.