Most of us are familiar with the fact that liberals along with their mainstream media will use every single opportunity they can stumble upon to rant against President Donald Trump, his family and his administration, all with the goal of painting a bad image of him since they can’t come with terms of the fact that the Democrats were beaten badly during the 2016 presidential election, and now some of them such as Lawyer Rob Ranco have been going too far with their insults.

And while we’ve had many opportunities to see examples of hate speech and insults, this particular case involving the Secretary of Education stands out, but it seems that after all, Karma has found a way to come around.

Rob Ranco, the Civil Rights lawyer has just resigned from his position after causing outrage and receiving tons of backlash for making a comment in which he said it would be OK if the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, found herself to be a victim of sexual assault.

It was interesting to see how both anti-Trump as well as pro-Trump Social Media users got together to both agree that the comments made by Ranco were unacceptable, and far from something that is decent to be written on social media. This is without a doubt, just another example of how far-left liberals condone violence without them even being aware of it. The outrageous replies from Twitter users can be seen below: