Following last week’s horrific shooting incident which caused the nation to jump on its feet into a full-blown panic mode in what was deemed as the deadliest massacre in American history, taking the lives of 50 people and leaving several hundred injured, President Donald Trump has stepped forward as the leader of a nation whose people beg to be unified after years of being divided and separated under different labels, but not as Americans.

After the dust has settled following the attack, it was clear that another look was supposed to be taken at the police officers, their work, their equipment, and their training programs, which is why, the POTUS just recently took it to Twitter to announce that the city of Las Vegas will be receiving $1 million donation, all with the goal of helping local law enforcement working to respond to last Sunday’s tragedy and the entire aftermath.

In his tweet, he wrote that he was happy to announce the funding award for the city, and not long after he posted it, the positive feedback started pouring in from his conservative supporters and Republicans alike. But the excitement of the people didn’t come from the announcement about the Las Vegas funding, instead, it also came from the announcement that the POTUS will be delivering a speech in Pennsylvania, highlighting the importance of American truckers in a well-prepared tax reform speech.

As of right now, the list of topics that the commander-in-chief will be going through is unclear, but we can only wait and see what happens next.