Following the horrific violence that took place during a white nationalists’ protest in Charlottesville, the governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency to help maintain the situation under control and avoid the further violent acts.

It wasn’t long after another group surrounded the nationalists waving their own flags and chanting their own slogans that the violence erupted, with the police and special forces coming in almost immediately to clear up the place. After the coast was clear and the dust had settled, President Donald Trump immediately took it to Twitter to address the matter personally:

In his Twitter post, the POTUS pleaded how we as people must all be united and condemn everything that hate stands for, adding how “there is no place for this kind of violence in America,” and asked of everyone to come together as one. First Lady Melania also took the opportunity to write a few of her own words about unity and how nothing great can be achieved through violence.

But the First Family weren’t the only ones who took grief on the unpleasant event, as people in the city also felt the fear, with one Virginia State Polce Spox by the name of Corinne Geller, giving a statement for Fox News explaining, “This is not a good day for Charlottesville. This is not a good day for the Commonwealth.”

Our prayers go out to everyone injured and we all hope that this will be the last of the horrific violent protests in our nation.