Chris Matthews is one of the worst MSNBC hosts ever. He had Pat Buchanan on live TV, and he tried several times to rant some fake Trump-Russia claims, but however, he was completely shut down by Pat. Matthews first claimed that by firing James Comey, Trump committed “obstruction” of justice. Then Buchanan unloaded…

He started by saying that the investigation has been going on for ten months, and “they’ve got this cloud that he’s Putin’s puppet over Donald Trump for ten months.” They haven’t found a single connection, no collusion at all has been proven, responded Buchanan.

On that, the obnoxious MSNBC host, Matthews, questioned: “Seventeen intelligence agencies say Russians interfered with our election… how can you say there’s nothing there?”

What Buchanan said next had him shut down once and for all,

“Well, because they haven’t produced [evidence],” responded Buchanan.

“Seventeen agencies said [Russia was] colluding to help get our election—” started Matthews again. “They didn’t say collusion at all. They said they were hacking. Did Trump hack? No,” responded Pat Buchanan.

Buchanan owned him very well. The mainstream media keeps thinking it’s okay to make all these unproved claims against President Trump. I guess they will wait till Trump is proven innocent and then they will start barking again at something else.

While the mainstream media focuses on Trump’s ties to Russia, why doesn’t Trump ask for the investigation into Hillary’s email probe, or maybe on Obama’s spying on Trump? I hope that once Trump is proven innocent, he will go after all these dirty Democrats and put them all where they belong. Behind the bars. Spying on a Presidential Candidate in order to help the other one is a huge crime, why he isn’t held responsible for it?