In a new video released this Wednesday, former President Barack Obama made a shocking announcement, revealing that he will gather together civic leaders from all across the world next month to take part in the inaugural Obama Foundation Summit.

The goal of the Chicago Summit will be to give young leaders the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other, according to the video Obama released earlier. He finally ended his brief video message saying, “We want to inspire and empower people to change the world,” adding, “And we hope you’ll be a part of it.” He also explained how he and Michelle will use the summit to hear directly from the future leaders we want to cultivate.”

Details have revealed that the summit is scheduled to take place in the city which will be hosting Obama’s presidential library as well as his presidential center. Unfortunately for Obama, just as the his other policies that President Donald Trump has taken aim at soon after entering office, this too might be short-lived only. As a result of this, Obama has used various public appearances to indirectly throw dirt on President Trump.

Starting from his journey to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the Paris Climate Agreement as well as the DACA program, chances are we will be seeing other Obama policies which put our nation into crisis.