While the mainstream media is putting all of their effort into placing the blame of North Korea’s threat of launching a nuclear attack on the U.S. territory of Guam on President Donald Trump’s hands, details have been released into the public, showing it was all the fault of Barack Obama and the mess of a situation he left behind him.

According to reports, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) determined and released the report back on April 11, saying that the North is capable of building miniaturized nuclear weapons which could be used as warheads for missiles. This happened back in 2013, but instead of taking immediate action and putting the North’s testing on hold doing everything they can, the Obama administration simply downplayed the DIA report so it couldn’t be used to force Obama to be more aggressive with the rogue nation which is now sending open threats to our nation and it’s people.

Shortly put, the former POTUS was terrified of facing North Korea head-on the way President Trump is, but if he did face them properly and didn’t avoid the problem and let it grow, he could have saved us from the life-threatening situation we are in.

All in all, it goes on to show what kind of a person was leading our nation for 8 years and why our nation has grown soft and weak, as instead of playing hard, Obama gave in to the demands of terrorists and rivals. This means that if the war-crazed North Korean dictator is to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S., the blood of the innocents will be on Obama’s hands for being a coward.