During a press briefing this Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was faced with a rather ‘difficult’ question concerning former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s new book, “What Happened.” The most recent question revolved around the statements made by Clinton in her new book, as well as her efforts to promote it.

But instead of giving into the pressure of the mainstream media reporters’ questions, Sanders was quick to respond by saying that Hillary used her book to make mischaracterizations as well as drive false narratives.

As the briefing was coming close to an end, Mark Landler, a reporter for the New York Times aimed to get more specific examples from Sanders asking:“Since you raise the issue of Mrs. Clinton’s book having a false narrative and false accusations — could you point us to a couple specific accusations in the book that you believe are factually incorrect?”

Her response however, immediately stirred up outrage among liberal supporters of Hillary, as Sanders pulled no punches in her quick response: “I think probably the biggest one is any place within the book where she lays blame for her the loss on anyone but herself.”

For someone as determined to bring President Donald Trump and his administration as the liberal Democrats, especially the Clintons, this response had to hurt even more than the humiliation she went through when she lost the election.