This Saturday, a National Guardsman has been arrested for saying that if he is paid enough money, he will kill Vice President Mike Pence before his visit to the 9/11 memorial in Pennsylvania. The name of the arrested Guardsman is William Robert Dunbar, 22, from Berlin, New Jersey, and he was charged this Saturday after he made the threatening comments just before Pence’s trip for the annual observance of the Flight 93 crash.

According to details released by Richland Township police, Dunbar was on duty at the Army National Guard Training Center when he openly said, “If someone pays me enough money, I will kill the vice president,” immediately triggering the alarms of the people around him.

As soon as he was heard making the threat not once, but twice, witnesses said that they immediately contacted the commanding officers, before the police took Dunbar to Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center for evaluation and then to county prison in lieu of $250,000 bond.

Dunbar ended up being charged with disorderly conduct as well as making terroristic threats, both of which are misdemeanors. This only goes on to show that threats are lurking from every possible corner, which further stresses the importance of the Secret Service.

All in all, we are glad and thankful to the witnesses whose fast reaction could have prevented a horrific act, and we are happy it all went well.