California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters headlined an annual picnic this Sunday, but it wasn’t the fact that New Hampshire Democrats blocked reporters from attending, but the fact that Waters told the attendees that she and her ‘allies’ are actively working and “organizing” to bring down President Donald Trump.

“Mr. President, we are organizing. And we are organizing to bring you down,” said Waters according to an attendee. 
”And bring your agenda down.” But reports say that she did not stop there, launching herself at Trump and saying: “This man is deplorable, dishonest, a liar, a bully and I want him impeached.”

During the weekend, Adam Sexton, the WMUR reporter, went on to Twitter to state that NH’s Democrats told his assignment desk that reporters would not be allowed at the annual picnic at the Strafford County Democrats.

Further details reveal how the event was changed from open to reporters to closed just minutes before it started, with no explanation on why the change took place. It seems that the New Hampshire Dems are so humiliated by Waters that they blocked the press at her first NH event.

Maxine has been in the clouds for some time now, even saying at one point last week that she plans on running for president in 2020 before turning own the rumors saying she only meant that ‘jokingly.’ But as far as President Trump goes, there isn’t much she can do but send empty threats and rant.