The spectators at the Trump National Golf Club were left in awe when they were pleasantly greeted by President Donald Trump, who showed up unannounced and made everyone’s day more exciting.

The attention of the spectators immediately switched from the players, to the POTUS, who was wearing a more casual suit and shirt, with his signature “Make America Great Again” hat. According to reports, the sudden unannounced visit of President Trump not only left the spectators amazed, but the players had been distracted and pleasantly surprised at his visit.

From what can be seen on the pictures posted by Fox News on Twitter, the crowd provided a warm welcome for Trump himself, cheering and chanting his presidential campaign slogan.

It is always heartwarming to see how there are people who would yell out their voice to show their support for the POTUS, as they are aware of all the effort and work he puts into cutting new deals and strengthening our economy, all with the goal of setting our nation on the right path once again, something which former President Obama didn’t care to do as he set our nation in a debt and kept sinking the U.S. from the moment he took office.

That is the difference between Trump and Obama. While the POTUS is working hard donating his presidential salary, Obama did everything to fill his own pockets.