By know it is known for a fact that liberal comedians have a way of attacking President Donald Trump, his family, and his administration, and crossing all boundaries while doing so. Left-wing comedian Chelsea Handler is no different than Kathy Griffin or Jim Carrey, as she reached a new level of humiliation this Friday when she called on the president’s closes military advisers to remove him from office, going as far as to say that the names of his helpers will “appear negatively in history.”

Chelsea went on Twitter to make her remarks, with her tweet immediately going viral, but not in the way she hoped for:

Chelsea’s comments were not taken lightly, as she called upon his closest generals saying they have the obligation to overthrow the president. Unfortunately for the comedian, Social Media users immediately responded on her call for action, slamming her for promoting a military takeover of the U.S. government and schooling her on the actions and success the POTUS has achieved.

Handler isn’t the first liberal to step out on Twitter and criticize the strong behavior of the POTUS following the threats of a nuclear attack on Guam launched by North Korea and their dictator Kim Jong-un. However, it is the people that elected Trump that support his moves and decisions, meaning that Chelsea can only speak for herself and demand treasonous acts.