Yesterday, we reported that Kathy Griffin, the so-called liberal comedian, did a very disturbing photo-shoot. As you know, on that photo session, Kathy Griffin was holding a severed, bloody head of President Donald Trump. However, in the wake of this scandal, a photo has surfaced from Kathy Griffin which shows how hypocritical she truly is..

As you know, these past few months, Kathy is mentioning President Trump in everything evil that is happening in America. Well, as it turns out, a photo has surfaced which shows how Kathy Griffin had a very different opinion of President Trump back in the day. It seems that as long as you benefit from someone, that person is good in your eyes. However, as soon as you stop benefit from that same person, you immediately attack the person.

Reportedly, Kathy Griffin was close to Trump when she appeared on his show The Apprentice as a guest. If you remember, in that episode, the contestants had to organize either a dinner gala for 500 followed by a Liza Minnelli concert or a golf tournament for 120 with comedienne Kathy Griffin.

In addition, during that episode, Kathy was photographed with the future president at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester, New York.

Here is the photo.

As you can see folks, Kathy is a hypocrite. Then again, she is a liberal and they are known for hypocrisy.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that Kathy is a FAKE person?

Thank you for reading.