One of the best comedians in America, Jackie Mason, goes off this week on all the anti-Trump celebrities. He heavily criticized them, stating that they should focus more on educating themselves, and not on trying to stay in the spotlight.

Breitbart reported that Jackie Mason appeared on Breitbart news this week and “obliterated” all the celebrities who criticized President Trump. He said that celebrities like Cher, Barbra Streisand, and Johnny Depp should get a book, read and educate themselves, instead of trying to say and do everything just so they can stay in the spotlight.

“Did you hear about Cher? She just had about 87 face-lifts,” Jackie says. “Now she resents the Republicans because they’re about to knock out Obamacare. And she’s wondering: How am I gonna pay for another 87 face-lifts?”

Moreover, Jackie also heavily criticized Barbara Streisand. As you know, Streisand claimed she had gained weight due to stress-eating in the wake of Trump’s election.

“Since Trump got elected, she can’t live with it, so she finds herself eating day and night,” Jackie jokes. “And she’s saying to herself, ‘How could I get rid of this guy? I can’t walk around this fat!’”

This is how you love your country and President folks. All the celebrities should look up to this man. Hopefully, they will see reason and finally start supporting President Trump. After all, the people chose Trump and now more than ever, we should all stand behind him.

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