Another day with another round of great news, coming from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, who just recently reported their successful action during which they arrested 32 criminal aliens convicted of sex crimes. The immigrants had conducted the crimes in the sanctuary jurisdiction of Long Island, New York, and they were arrested during a course of 10 days, with the operation ending on August 3.

The arrested individuals had been involved with crimes such as sexual assault on young children, child endangerment, rape, as well as promoting sexual performance of a child, all of which are considered to be one of the highest ranking acts of crime.

Most of the arrested had a long criminal record of previous deporations as a result of acting in manner to injure a child, third degree attempted rape, attempted sexual abuse, burglary, assault, criminal sex act, endangering the welfare of a child or a physically disabled person, promoting a sexual performance by child, first, second and third degree rape, reckless endangerment, sexual abuse, sexual contact with individuals incapable of consent and sexual misconduct and many more horrific crimes.

Despite the criticism thrown at ICE by the liberals for their work, it is known for a fact that they are committed to making communities safer by taking these people off the streets. In a statement released by Thomas R. Decker, the NY Field Office Director, it is written that “ERO officers are out there every day enforcing immigration law with targeted enforcement actions. ICE will not waiver in its promise to arrest and remove criminal aliens from our neighborhoods.”

All in all, it is another great achievement for President Trump’s administration, which put their efforts and work to help rebuild the way of functioning of the agency in order to better preserve the safety of the American people.