The CAIR organization (American-Islamic Relations) are demanding that the Houston Independent School look into a teacher’s controversial tweets and perhaps even bring justice to their claims.

Mustafaa Caroll, the Executive Director, spoke with Eyewitness News about the Sterling Aviation High School teacher, as well as his chain of tweets which have the CAIR up in arms…

Carroll read the messages, “Love Jesus or go to hell. You have been warned”, with another tweet saying “Embrace Islam and you embrace death.” It was noted by Carroll that other tweets showcased graphic photos of injured children caused by terrorist bombing attack:

The reason we are concerned is because he’s a teacher. If he wasn’t a teacher, this conversation probably wouldn’t be taking place.”

The teacher responsible for the mind-blowing tweets is James A. Bretney. He claimed that his handle has been suspended for breaking the policies of the social media website (@lordtiberius). He has also stated that he refuses to back down from a fight with the CAIR, and that as an American he was free to write whatever he believed in.

However Bretney is not just an ordinary high school teacher, but he is also an U.S. Army veteran that volunteered and served in the Special Operations community in the 75th Ranger Regiment. On top of that, he has also spent four years in the 3rd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group in Colorado Springs. So by this point, we don’t doubt that the man knows truly who the enemies of America are, and he does not apologize for it.

“This is the problem. We are in a spiritual conflict with Islam. We are in a clash of civilizations with Islam.”

H/T Freedom Daily

And to some degree, he is right. CAIR has been making a next-level fuss about a few tweets, when they have OPENLY been linked to terrorist groups and activities.

And although HISD stated that they will be opening an investigation on the teacher, they did not provide further comments on personal issues.