It is known for a fact that liberals despise Donald Trump so much, to the point that they are ready to start blacklisting everyone and everything that has a nice opinion about the President. Speaking of blacklisting, the legendary comedian and host of Family Feud, Steve Harvey, has been under hot fire for saying that Trump has been making good on his election campaign promises to restore America’s underprivileged communities.

According to reports, Harvey met with Trump prior the election to partner with the president’s Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, on an affording housing initiative. The Liberals were fired up and lashed out at Harvey for agreeing to meet with Trump, but he made it pretty clear that he does not regret any of the events that happened that week, as he says that Trump, now that he is president, is following through on his promises.

“As for as doing what he promised me he would do, he is doing it,” Harvey said. “I’m working with HUD. I’m going to get some housing for underprivileged people. We’re going to set up some centers around the country. I’ve met with HUD. It’s going really well. God willing, it will work out.”

“He’s keeping his word to what he said he would do,” Harvey added, when asked if he’s happy with what Trump has done so far as president.

The Libs can be fired up all they want, we have Harvey’s back as he is not afraid to speak the truth about Trump!