Hillary Clinton, the former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee released her book “What Happened” this Tuesday, in which she revealed how irritated she felt when people asked her why she wanted to launch a presidential campaign.

In her book, she wrote “In short, I thought I’d be a damn good President,” explaining how people kept on asking her why she wanted to be President, adding, “The implication was that there must be something else going on, some dark ambition and craving for power.”

Hillary revealed that even after enough people supported her campaign, she still questioned why she ran, blaming the questioning on the fact that she was a woman and had a different leadership style.

Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, and we’re not used to women running for President. Maybe it’s because my style of leadership didn’t fit the times. Maybe it’s because I never explained myself as bluntly as this,” wrote Clinton.

And in the same style of blaming everyone else for her loss, she also put part of the blame on young women that decided not to vote for her.

She went on to write in her book how dozens of women of all ages approached her in theaters, restaurants and stores “apologizing” for not voting for her, adding “I responded with forced smiles and tight nods.”

Well, here’s how Twitter reacted to her insane words:

But it is clear to everyone that Clinton won’t stop with her blame-game, also ranting against the Democratic National Committee, President Donald Trump, Russia, as well as angry voters and others.