Refugees are connected with violence and that is a fact. There have been a large number of reports detailing how it sucks to live in a migrant camp. And worse of all, children aren’t the only ones that are targeted by violence according to a new report, which states that Muslims single out Christian refugees to beat them up and rape them…

Many Christian refugees have been said to have suffered violence, death threats and sexual assault across Germany. Around 743 Christians and 10 Yazdis were reported victims of religious motivated attacks between February and September last year, and many of the victims were around 5 -12 years old.

According to the same report, 91% of Christians and Yazdis have accused Muslim migrants of carrying out the violent attacks. The actual number of attacks could reach a potential number of thousands with just 17% of those surveyed reporting the crimes to the police.

 “Religion of peace.” they say, but still we have events like these on daily basis.

It is known for a fact that the mark of Islam is engraved heavily in these camps. Apparently it is a bad idea to mix anyone non-Muslim with Muslims.

But what is so interesting is the fact that you don’t see the Huffington Poo defending Christianity, as they’re often batting for Islam with the same bat the used to beat up mean Christian bakers while Islam smashes anyone that opposes their halal ways, especially Christians. By “smashing” we mean raping and beating them.

A plethora of examples where Islam wins the award for the worst Religion and Political Ideology of the Year can be seen in the video HERE.

See it for yourselves and decide, do you want to live in a country where this is allowed and turned a blind eye to?

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