Donald Trump is only 10 days away of being sworn as President. There is a lot of people who support him at everything that he promised, but there are also so much haters who are trying to do their best to stop him. Knowing how our country is divided after he has been elected, and that our country is always a major terrorist threat, the inauguration seems a major risk for everyone involving in it.

FBI officials hold a press conference Monday, in which they said that they are well prepared for any kind of threat. The units that will be on hand during the Inauguration include the Hazardous Evidence Response Team, Special Agent Bomb Technicians, the Operational Medicine Team, the Evidence Response Team, the Crisis Negotiations Team and the Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

According to WD, Special agent Dave Sundberg said that they were talking to the media to show the world that they are ready for whatever comes their way on Inauguration Day, and “to show informally what each of these teams does both every day and in support of the national special security event.”

Brian Ebert, special agent in charge of the Secret Service Washington field office, said that his agency uses a 360-degree “protective methodology,” adding, “We’re paying attention to the physical, the cyber, the aerial.”

He went on to say that the Secret Service will use a “robust security perimeter to defend against a number of threats. This will be a multilayered, buffer zone surrounding protected venues as well motorcade routes and of course the parade route.”

We can only pray for safety of Trump’s family and everyone present on the Inauguration. Hope that Trump’s Inauguration will go off without a hitch.