The FBI have recently dropped a new bombshell on Hillary Clinton this week, having announced that they’re 99% sure foreign intelligence penetrated her unprotected email server.

According to reports from The Gateway Pundit, FBI quietly released 300 pages of Clinton’s emails on Sunday, that appear to be showing how foreign actors hacked in her home-brew server. These new emails include exchanges between FBI officials right before the official investigation about Clinton was opened, as well as arguments between State Department personnel and law enforcement officials, with some members of government agencies. These fights mostly centered around whether a document contained personal or classified information.

In a telling exchange, an FBI official stated that his bureau found that the server belonging to Clinton was indeed hacked.

 “The FBI did find that hostile foreign actors successfully gained access to the personal email accounts of individuals associated” read one email.


This proves the declaration that Clinton was exposed to some of the “most classified, sensitive secrets in the federal government, many of them covert operations” which was suggested by the House of Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul back in November.

“Our adversaries have this very sensitive information, that not only jeopardizes her, and national security at home, but the men and women serving overseas,” McCaul said. “In my opinion, quite frankly, it’s treason.”

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