In case you didn’t hear already, two newly released articles by Buzzfeed and CNN show a leaked intelligence briefing prepared by the U.S. intelligence agencies. They claim that the Kremlin has a file on Trump that will be used to blackmail him under control.

According to the memos, Trump had apparently ordered prostitutes to commit sex acts in a presidential suit in a Moscow hotel, according to a report from an ex-British spy that was stationed in Moscow. However the contents can’t be verified according to Buzzfeed.

According to the Kremlin, these claims are fake.

Russia also denies this allegation saying that they don’t have a blackmail file on Trump which contains footage of him watching prostitutes on a Moscow hotel bed.

The claim originated from an online message board that writes fan fiction connected with Trump. That can explain a few things. Dmitry Peskov who is the spokesman for Vladimir Putin, also stated that the reports are false by saying they’re a “complete fabrication and utter nonsense.”

This is a direct order for every single journalist in the world to watch their butts, as they’re giving Americans completely fake “viral” news in order to gain attention and publicity.

If you ask us, it is tie to kick out the old guard and make space for new media companies in the United States.