After being stormed with news of the horrific hurricanes which rampaged through several U.S. states over the past two weeks and few still doing damage, this Tuesday, the nation was pleasantly surprised when President Donald Trump’s second son, Eric, joyfully announecd the birth of his first child, baby boy Eric “Luke” Trump.

But instead of taking the news lightly and giving the first family a break, the liberals who never seem to get enough of anything took it to Twitter to express their avalanche of poisonous vitriol and hatred, showing once again how sickly deranged some of them are when it comes to the Trumps.

Just the fact that Eric Trump’s wife gave birth to their first hcild was enough to startle Trump haters:

If you’re left speechless after reading all of those hateful comments by these savages anti-Trump haters, chances are you’re not the only one. Many Trump supporters on the other hand have expressed their congratulations and best wishes for the new baby, will there were others which were outraged by the disrespectful commentary of the haters, giving them a taste of their own hateful medicine.

But then again, all these deranged anti-Trump liberals can do is rant against the First Family as they always do, after all of their failed attempts to portray the POTUS as a bad person, it sure must be painful for them to watch the people they hate experience true happiness.