This month has been one quite turbulent for the American people, when taking in mind the natural disasters which struck several states, devastating and leaving everything in their path destroyed. But there are exceptional days as well, and today just so happens to be one of those days, as the White House First Family just expanded with plus one member – baby Eric “Luke” Trump.

President Donald Trump’s second son, Eric Trump and his wife Lara, have just been blessed with a baby boy, who was born at 8:50 this Tuesday morning. Eric took the announcement to Twitter this afternoon, excitingly announcing the birth of their baby boy:

It wasn’t long before cheers and congratulations started pouring on Social Media replying to Eric’s announcement. While Lara was expected to give birth around this time, the whole nation was caught up with the recent chaotic events, but now that everything is slowly returning to normal and the situation has calmed a bit, it seems that good things will start coming once again, starting with the little Eric “Luke.”

As of right now, President Trump as well as the other members of the family are expected to make an announcement and congratulate Eric and Lara on their first child together.

Let’s spread the word and congratulate Eric, his wife Lara, as well as the rest of the First Family, including President Trump and Melania, who became grandparents once again for the ninth time.