As you probably know, high on the priority list for the Republicans is welfare reform. This has long been a huge problem for them, but not anymore. Now that Donald Trump is in the White House, the possibility of welfare reform is back on the table again.

Fox 6 Now reports that President Trump is ready to sign a bill approved by Congress that would enable states to perform drug tests on those applying for unemployment benefits.

Under President Obama, this wasn’t possible. The states weren’t allowed to perform drug tests on applicants unless they were applying for a job that already had mandatory drug testing. However, not anymore! President Trump will put a stop to this immediately!

States will finally have the freedom to perform drug testing on individuals before they start giving out our tax money to people. By doing this, President Trump will make sure that people who receive welfare benefits will not use taxpayer money to get drugs.

It is still unclear when will President Trump will sign this bill, but sources from the White House say that this will be very soon.

Republicans have praised this bill as a victory for states’ rights, while Democrats have resorted to their old talking point of claiming that Republicans are targeting the poor. Yeah, right!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you approve this bill?

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