Today, another representative from the Democrats threatened to bring more articles of impeachment against President Trump. That representative is Al Green (D-Texas).

The Hill reported that Al Green gave a warning on Saturday that he would also file for impeachment against President Trump. However, he said that this would only happen if House Judiciary Committee isn’t acting on ones already filed alleging obstruction of justice.

“The president has to come before the bar of justice, and the only place that that bar of justice exists is the House of Representatives. Each member of the House can file a resolution for impeachment,” Green told MSNBC’s Joy Reid on “AM Joy.”

Green also stated, “I was proud to join Rep. [Brad] Sherman [D-Calif.] with his articles of impeachment, but I will be filing articles unless of course the Judiciary Committee acts on what’s been filed already. If they should then there won’t be a need.

Previously, the Judiciary Committee considered articles of impeachment for only two Presidents in the history of America, Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon.

Funny thing is, Green asked for impeachment of President Trump back in May, the reasons being allegations of obstruction of justice, and co-sponsoring an article of impeachment.

When will these people (Democrats) give up?! I mean, don’t they realize that America has spoken and chose Trump for President?

No wonder they lost the election. All they do is criticize and bash Trump, instead of re-organizing their party.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that impeachment may actually happen?

Thank you for reading.