Congressed has finally done what we wanted to see it do for a long time now. It ordered the FBI to hand over the contents of Clinton’s email server, so that they can conduct their own investigation into possible ‘criminal activity’.

The FBI Director James Comey was asked to give the House Oversight Committee the Datto Company’s secure cloud storage that contained Hillary’s server contents.

Reports from The Gateway Pundit say that Datto, Inc. informed the Congress back in 2015 that it provided the FBI with the storage node of containing emails from the private server of Hillary Clinton. And today, the House Oversight Committee demanded that FBI hand them over the emails that they’ve been protecting so hard for a year now.

This means that the lawless and reckless behaviour of Hillary Clinton hasn’t yet escaped from a full-blown investigation.

The Daily Mail reported on Datto, Inc. in June 2016 that Clinton’s emails which had some of the biggest American secrets were stored by company that was vulnerable to hackers and run by morons.

According to a Daily Mail Online investigation, a second firm which was hired to store a back-up of Clinton’s emails was lax in its security employees which failed to change passwords regularly, and frequently left the computers logged in and unattended for longer periods of time.

The company in question, Datto, Inc. was hired to store Hillary’s emails by Platte River, the same company which was contracted to maintain her ‘homebrew’ email system.

A former employee at Datto has stepped out of the blue and stated that the company was woefully exposed to being hacked.

“If you’re talking about high-level data security, at the political, presidential level, the security level of data [at Datto] hired by Platte River, was nowhere near something that could have been protected from a good hacker that knows how to spread out their points at which to infiltrate,” he said.

If you ask us for our opinion, we knew that something like this was coming. Hillary Clinton has long been avoiding investigations and buying her way out of trouble, but now that President Trump is in control, she won’t make it out of this investigation so easy.