FBI Director James Comey answered a lot of our questions, doubts and speculations during his questioning today. From sparking new theories about briefing Obama around Michael Flynn, to avoiding the truth when it came time to speak about the Republican emails, he sure did provide us with a lot of information for someone that chose not to provide “details” and “information” about certain topics.

This time during his questioning, Comey did everything but tell the truth when asked about the releases of the Republican emails.

Comey stated that despite there being efforts to penetrate organizations connected to the Republican party, no type of material was released to the public, which is clearly misleading, as Republican emails have been leaked during the hacking, and they are widely available for the public to see. The proof is in the Wikileaks tweet below.

So it looks like Comey decided to go to Congress and just start lying? Since when are directors of national organizations allowed to lie in the face of both Congress and the American people?

If you ask us, although it is not specified anywhere, Comey has something big and bad coming his way for daring to lie in the face of the nation. Unfortunately for him, we know the truth.

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