The FBI Head Chief Director, James Comey, refused to answer Rep. Trey Gowdy’s inquiry on any possible briefing between him and former President Obama, about Michael Flynn.

FBI Director Comey declined to give further information or details when asked by Rep. Trey Gowdy about whether or not he briefed President Obama about any calls surround Michael Flynn.

Now if you ask us, going straight from common sense, if he did not brief the former President, he could have simply replied with “No”, but since he stated that he refuses to provide information and details, it only sparks the up a theory that he did.

Gowdy turned out to be the hero in this particular case, asking Comey the question that was bothering us all for quite some time now. However despite the attempt to get information out of him, Comey declined to give any information surrounding the topic.

But why? Is it because they did brief him and now have something to hide, so they use the all-familiar excuse of “not being able to provide” information and details? The FBI should really start thinking their public statements all the way through, because if something comes up, they will be in serious trouble.