A state of emergency has been declared by the governor in Charlottesville, following a planned protest which quickly turned violent. Law enforcement officers were also called in quickly to clear the area and get the situation under control.

The demonstration was considered to be the largest gathering of white nationalists in the past few years, and the whole thing unfortunately ended with a large number of people injured. The crowd of nationalists were surrounded by hundreds of other counter-protesters that chanted and carried their own flags, which added even more fuel to the whole tension of the protest.

In just a few hours, the scene exploded into brawling, shoving and taunting, but fortunately the police got there in time before even more were injured, and cleared the area before noon. Following the horrific event, both First Lady Melania and President Donald Trump took it to Twitter:

The FLOTUS took it to Twitter in which she explained how our nation encourages freedom of speech, but the thing we need to focus on the most is to communicate without hate in our hearts, since we all know that no good comes from violence. One message goes a long way, and Melania’s went pretty far, considering the fact that her tweet immediately went viral.