James Comey just spoke publicly that he as well as the intelligence community believe that there might have been a possible collision between Russia and the Trump Campaign.

Reports from LA Times took it to twitter to inform that Comey gave a statement confirming his believes in a possible collision between Russia and Trump Campaign in last year’s presidential elections.

Comey added that the investigation will include investigating the nature of any lengths, between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russia’s efforts. This will also include an assessment of whether or not any crimes were committed.

Comey explained how he cannot give away further details about who the investigations will be looking into, as the information is classified and cannot be revealed to the American public as of right now.

This could be the first step to finally settling the dust and smoke surrounding the liberal scheme to throw dirt at President Trump’s name, saying that he used foreign powers to win the election. Despite not being able to share any details now, we are 100% sure that they will find out the truth, and finally prove that the President is innocent as it can get.

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