There is an old saying that you can find at least one good thing in all that is bad and chaotic. After millions of fans were left devastated yesterday after the bombshell news were dropped that the legendary host of “The O’Reilly Factor” was fired, as a result of allegations of sexual harassment controversy, fans were all left wondering what would happen next and if there was such a person that would be capable of filling in the blank that O’Reilly left in the network.

Well, now reports have come in that Bill O’Reilly, will be leaving Fox News with full pockets, tens of millions of dollars to be more specific. The right amount is still unknown, however, it will be revealed in a short period of time.


“It is a staggering amount,”¬†stated a source which is personally involved in all the exit maneuverings. However, the source is limited with the information it could provide as a result of a confidentiality agreement.

On the other hand 21st Century Fox and O’Reilly’s representatives will not acknowledge the existence of a payout, but two well-placed sources have confirmed that O’Reilly indeed has a parachute for this type of situation, as he signed a new contract right before being ousted.

The contract, according to the two sources, was worth $25 million a year. The higher sum was demanded by O’Reilly for obvious reasons, such as the fact that the was responsible for dominating the ratings and helping Fox News deliver record profits for its parent company.

The two sources also added that the contract extended through the next presidential election meaning that it was set to expire at the end of 2020 or somewhere around 2021.

But it has been noted that O’Reilly will not be paid the entire amount. Still if you ask us, a dozen million dollars is a good deal, and will definitely not leave O’Reilly in a chaotic point in his career.