Reports have come in claiming that an arrest has just been made of a man who has reportedly been stalking Malia Obama, the daughter of former-President Barack Obama.

According to reports from The Hill, authorities arrested a man that was accused of stalking as well as harassing Malia. The 30-year old Jair Nilton Cardoso was detained by the U.S. Secret Service after he stalked the 18-year old Malia at several locations, including attempting to enter the White House in the past.

Cardoso also asked Obama to marry him in one instance, after showing up to an office where Malia was completing an intership Tribeca. According to sources, the Secret Service stopped Cardoso previously when he tried following her out of a building in the West Village, where she had another internship. The reports added that the agents managed to recognize the man and told him to leave Malia alone, and went to his apartment the following morning to interview him.

The world is full of unstable people, who given the slightest chance, would do harm to innocent people, which is why it is better to lock these people up now, and be safe, than be sorry later on. But with the party-hard lifestyle Malia has been keeping on for some time now, the Secret Service will have their hands full with protecting her.